Magic Trackpad Introduced By Apple is Revolutionary

Apple today announced a new iMac with a better display, better hardware and a better core architecture. The new iMac comes with a whole new product – Magic Trackpad. The Magic Trackpad is a huge Trackpad for desktop users. It is the same Trackpad that Apple uses in MacBooks but is larger in size. The Trackpad would give iMac users a chance to experience the Trackpad which ships along with Apple notebooks.

You could simply swipe, scroll, flip or even rotate using gestures. It let’s you control everything on your computer in a new way. Users could opt in for this new large Trackpad and use it instead of the magic mouse. It is completely multi-touch based and is connected to the iMac using Bluetooth. It requires Mac OS X 10.6.4 and two AA batteries to operate.

Current iMac users could get the new invention for only $69 and use it. It is just a bit smaller than the iPad and is a lot magical. Apple has even introduced a more environmental friendly and powerful charger for charging the two batteries. The Magic Trackpad can now be purchased from the online Apple Store.

What do you think about this neat little invention? Would you buy one?