Logitech Launches Contest to Promote Google TV

Google announced Google TV at Google I/O. They plan to bring the web to your TV along with hi-def YouTube videos. Google has partnered with Logitech and Sony to manufacture the device. According to Peter Sherman, Google is really excited about the new product and thinks that watching YouTube videos on your TV would be cool.

Logitech, one of the makers of the TV has launched a new contest which tries to promote Google TV. The contest is named ‘Host with the most’ and seems like an interesting idea to promote a product. You’ll be given an apartment in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles and you need to show off Google TV to your friends, family and coworkers. What else? You’d be paid to do so.

Here’s what Google has to say about the contest and Google TV –

As you could probably guess, we’re really excited about the imminent launch of Google TV. You can learn more about this initiative here, but it’s basically a new way to watch TV by seamlessly integrating the Web and TV into one incredible viewing experience. Soon, you’ll be able to watch a lot more of those beautiful hi-def YouTube videos on your beautiful, hi-def TV.

Google TV will initially be available on devices manufactured by Sony and Logitech in the fall, with more partners to be announced later. Logitech has just come up with a nifty idea to publicize their device, the Logitech Revue with Google TV™ — a contest to find the ‘Host with the Most’ in one of three fabulous cities within the U.S.

To participate, you could sign up for the contest here.