Friendly is Truly The Best Way to Browse Facebook on iPad

A new Social Networking App dubbed Friendly – Facebook Browser popped up on the New and Noteworthy App list on the App Store. Friendly is a Facebook client for the iPad and is the best way to interact with Facebook on iPad. The App is available for download from the App Store for $4.99 and is totally worth the money.

The App lets you browse Facebook and do the regular stuff. You could send updates, read or reply to comments, read or write Facebook messages, get notifications and even view photos in full screen. You could enjoy Facebook in full screen mode without ever launching Safari. The App is neatly designed and looks a bit like the web version.

It is completely optimized for the iPad and is a great Facebook client. Until Facebook comes out with an official iPad App, Friendly would be quite useful. You could even like updates and watch video using the App. Try the App and post in your reviews in the comments section below.