Extension of the Week – Chromey Calculator

Chromey Calculator is a powerful calculator for Google Chrome. It is extremely customizable and is really impressive. It combines the power of Google and Wolfram Alpha to give accurate results.

You could type almost anything and the extension would pop up with a result. You could ask the calculator to calculate simple stuff or even ask it to display the Total Population of California and the extension would never fail to impress you.

You could even use mathematical functions and constants. It could also be used to convert units and currencies. The extension can be customized in every possible manner. You could change the width and height of the pop up window, enable quick keys, change the title, links and even use a local Google URL.

Options Page

You could simply clear everything by hitting the clear button or get some help by hitting the help button. The calculator even provides links which lets you view the result on the original page.

The extension has got nearly 80,000 users which makes it the most popular calculator in the gallery.