Extension of the Week – ChromeVis


Google recently added an accessibility option in the Chrome Extension Gallery which helps make the web more accessible. The category has loads of extensions featured under it and one has been developed by Google itself. The extension is dubbed ChromeVis and helps people with low vision access the web easily.

It just makes the selected text bigger so that people could see it properly. Install the extension and activate it. You need to select text using your keyboard or mouse and activate the extension using either your mouse or the keyboard shortcut. Click on the extension icon and it would automatically magnify the selected text and help you read it easily.

ChromeVis is highly configurable and simple to use. It does not crash or does not make the page unresponsive. It is neat, plain and stable. You could select the color of the magnified text, background color and adjust the font size. To do so, simply right click on the extension and select options. Currently it is on version 2.4.4, you could either select a text and view the magnified on top or magnify the image as you select. You could even customize your keyboard shortcut button by going to the options menu.

Currently, this extension has over 1620 weekly installs and is great for everyday use.