The Electrifying AppSpark

AppSpark is an initiative by TheAppleGoogle under which we spotlight on a particular App every week with a complete review of the App along with a fully featured video. Till date, we had been doing regular sections where we featured a particular App every week under the banner “App of the Week”. Along with the App of the Week, we even do an “Extension of the Week” section because we think extensions too are just like Apps and they open up a wide range of possibilities.

We’d like to create a complete Application Database by featuring Apps every week. The prices of the Apps are on an incremental rise and paying for Apps which are not worth it, is not what we want. We would help you make the right decision by giving you a thorough analysis of the App.

We would kick-off by featuring apps for iPad every week including Apps from every genre. Gradually, we’d move onto iPhone and iPod touch Apps.

What’s New –

• Fully Featured Video giving additional details about the App
• Extensive Review
• New Ratings System

We believe reading and watching go hand-in-hand. Only watching a video or reading something won’t help you make the right decision while purchasing an App. But when both are available, there nothing like it. That’s what we would do and that’s what separates us from others.

You could even submit your own Apps for review or submit the names of the Apps you would want us to review.

Do Spread the Word.


First AppSpark video coming after the break.