App of the Week – Feeddler [AppSpark]

There are tons of RSS Readers available for download from the App Store. Some paid and some available for free. Many of the paid RSS Readers do fancy stuff like organize your feeds in a newspaper like manner, give interactive user interface and some even put to use the power of multi-touch on the iPad.

There is one free RSS Reader dubbed Feeddler which does not do those things but does what it is designed for in the best possible manner – Reading feeds. The App even has a PRO version but the free version is great. The App connects with your Google account and syncs all your subscriptions and feeds instantly. It works in both portrait and landscape mode.

It creates a cache of your feeds for offline reading and syncing is real fast. Sharing on Facebook, Adding a star or liking an article is now easy. The App even features an inbuilt browser which works flawlessly.

To see the App in action, check out the video.