4 Things That Could Have Failed Apple

Apple is a huge company and is quite successful. But it wasn’t like this always. Once, Apple was only 90 days away from going bankrupt in it’s early days. But Steve Jobs and his men continued to fight and made some really great products. The company had it’s ups and downs on it’s way and some of the products could have failed the company terribly, but didn’t.

Let’s take a look at these products or decisions that could have failed the tech giant we know today as the biggest and the richest company in the world. A company which we all adore and love.

1. iPhone 4 Antenna Issue – iPhone 4 has been the biggest leap since the original iPhone and users found out a call dropping issue and termed it as Antennagate. The issue was serious and people started to dislike the phone which couldn’t make calls. The issue worsened and Apple had to do something about it. Apple on July 21 called a press conference at it’s campus in Cupertino and Steve Jobs demonstrated how every phone when held in a certain way could loose bars.

But that alone would not please users and a big decision had to be made. The phone just wasn’t going to work. Apple did hard enough and offered free cases to all iPhone 4 users along with an update to the OS which would possibly solve the issue. This issue was a turning point in Apple’s history and could have failed Apple.

2. Launch of the iPad – Steve Jobs announced iPad back in January and called it the most revolutionary and magical product. The product was demonstrated and people felt it to be just another huge iPod touch. People mocked it off and laughed at Steve Jobs for calling the iPad magical. People did not want a huge iPod touch with the same functionalities. It was until the product reached the hands of the public that they found out its true value and now it has truly become the most magical device.

3. Firing of Steve Jobs – Back then when Apple was only a start-up, Steve Jobs was fired from his own company. The board decided to side with John Sculley on a particular topic and made Sculley the CEO of the company. They failed to recognize the power of Steve Jobs and his marketing skills. The company did just fine during John’s tenure and ultimately Apple decided to get the king back. Steve returned and took the company to heights where no one ever thought it would go.

4. Launch of eMac – eMac was an educational based Macintosh launched by Apple back in 2002. The product was aimed at the educational class but later was released for the public. It was a cheap G4 powered processor and was ultimately replaced by a low end Mac which had normally the same specifications. The computer was neither a failure nor a success and did not interfere much in the development of the Macintosh.