Top 5 FIFA World Cup Picks From iTunes

FIFA 2010 World Cup is just around the corner and fans are just crazy about it. Even if you are not a soccer fanatic, watching the world cup is a different experience all together. iTunes has put up a special page dedicated to Soccer this time and it puts down a lot of soccer stuff in one place. Though it forgets to mention the best songs and podcasts, we would help you make your decision and are putting the best of everything related to FIFA right in front of you.


FIFA 10 – FIFA 10 is a continuation of the fabulous series of soccer games from EA Sports. There are loads of other entertaining soccer games on the App Store but we choose FIFA 10 because : unlike FIFA 2010 World Cup, it offers all clubs and countries to choose from and has better features. It is the official FIFA game and everything looks realistic.


Lonely Planet Cape Town City Guide – When you get to South Africa to watch a live game, it would be a thrilling experience and having a city guide on your iPhone would help you reach your destination early and also explore the neighborhood a bit. You could use Google Maps but Lonely Planet is city specific and offers better navigation options.


Wavin Flag – A great song from K’naan.


ESPN 2010 FIFA World Cup – This iPhone App provides you with detailed FIFA information including Upcoming Fixtures, Results, Groups, Teams and loads more. It even gives you a countdown to the World Cup.


FIFA World Cup Today – A weekly podcast which discusses about the latest happenings in the world of FIFA including news, results and fixtures.