Steve Ballmer on iPad and Macs [VIDEO]

Steve Ballmer was interviewed at the D8 conference where he commented on Macs and the iPad. According to Steve Ballmer, PCs would grow in huge numbers and people would continue to use them. He even mentioned that Macs could become like trucks in the near future, but PCs won’t. They would still continue to operate in large numbers. Speaking about the iPad, Ballmer believes the iPad to be a PC with a different form factor.

He took an iPad to a meeting and did some typing on it. The iPad wasn’t up to the mark and failed to impress him. Both Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates had the same opinion about the iPad.

What do you think? Would PCs become more popular in the near future? Would Macs become like trucks? Would people use iPads and iPhones much more than Macs or PCs? Let us know in the comments section below.