My iPad Story [PICS]

Today I got my iPad and my iPad story is kinda unique. Firstly, we arrived at Zurich and went straight to the hotel. The next day we went to catch our very first train in Switzerland and we headed right to the Zurich Main Station in search of the most magical and revolutionary device.

We reached the station in 15 minutes and looked for Bahnofstrasse, the place where the Apple Store is located. After pouring on the map we finally found Bahnofstrasse and as soon as we reached we found the Apple Store tucked right at the corner. To our disappointment, the store was a premium reseller and not an original one.

We still carried on and searched tirelessly for the Apple Store. After all, an original Apple Store experience is unique and without a substitute. We were looking for shop number 77. We kept walking and saw quite some stores. The street was crowded and sported shops with leading brands. Suddenly, I saw an iPad banner on the wall and on walking forward I saw that huge, elegant, beautiful and gorgeous Apple logo on top of the store.

It was indeed the Apple Store. We saw several iPads on display and were rest assured that we’d get our hands on one. My dad kept on clicking pictures and we loved the experience. My mom saw the iPads and was impressed too. We had already made up our minds to get an iPad and we asked an Apple expert to get one for us.

She quickly replied with a sad tone that unfortunately they were out of stock. What? Out of stock? That can’t happen. We came all the way from India just to hear this? We requested a lot and couldn’t get one.

My dad went and talked to the store manager who turned out to be an awesome guy. He said the same thing which the lady said but with our begging, cajoling and appealing, he realized that we were the real Apple disciples. He went and did a search. He took quite some time and returned back after minutes. Sadly enough, he couldn’t manage to get one.

We were sad and I tested the demo version for some time. Before leaving the Store, I got my request registered in the list and left behind our mobile number with the manager.

Disappointed and dejected, we decided to press our luck further. Remember the Apple Premium Reseller I mentioned about? We went there to take a chance. The premium reseller quickly undertook a search on his computer and found out that the 16GB and 32GB WiFi versions were out of stock too, but the 64GB version was available. Well, we couldn’t miss one, so we went ahead.

While making the payments, we handed over the card to her and suddenly, at the very moment our phone rang. We quickly lifted it up and it was the store manager from the other Apple Store telling us that they have made an exception for us. God Bless them for their act of kindness! We quickly told the cashier to stop the payment as we wanted to make the purchase from the Apple Store. We hurriedly ran to the Apple Store and on reaching the manager told us to wait. He then came waving the boxed iPad for us. Boy! what a sight it was. I would have fallen down to his feet in joy and the manager was as excited as we were. He was also enjoying selling the iPad to us and was passionate about his job. Perhaps, he saw the love that we have for Apple in our eyes.

The iPad box was so sleek and looked gorgeous. I quickly picked up a dock and wanted a case and a camera connection kit too, but they were out of stock.

The manager asked if I needed a personal setup but I declined the offer as I needed to unbox the new device myself. He even offered me an Apple Protection Plan but that too was declined as I said that Apple products don’t go haywire. We took our iPad, clicked some pictures and went back home with a happy heart. As soon as I reached home, I let my dog play with my new iPad and he was as thrilled as I was.

This was the most unique experience I ever had and thought it would be worthwhile sharing. We all know that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. I have captured a few and am sending two of the best.

-TheAppleGoogle Reader

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