Google Docs Viewer On Android, iPhone and iPad

Google has updated Google Docs on mobile platforms and it is now compatible with Google Docs viewer. Last week, Google announced Google Docs Viewer which lets you preview .doc and .docx files right in your browser. Today, it has been made compatible with Google Docs Mobile and you could even view PDF’s, doc, docx and PowerPoint presentations without needing to download it to your device.

You could even use the pinch to zoom technology on your iPhone or iPad and switch quickly between pages. To upload documents in any of these formats you could simply log into Google Docs and click Upload on the top-left corner of your screen. It works with your Android powered device, iPhone or iPad. For future reading, you could also download the file to your device by hitting the download button.

To try it out, log into Google Docs from your mobile browser and preview any of the files you’ve uploaded.