Extension of the Week – Google Share Button

We all love reading web-pages, news, articles and stories on the internet. When we visit a particular website which we really like, we want to share it with our friends and colleagues. Social-Media services have catered to this need and have made our lives so easy. Google Share Button allows you to share web pages which you love, with just a single click.

It has 68 services integrated with it and sharing is so simple with it. When you stumble upon a website and read an article which you like – Click on the Share extension and it would pop up allowing you to share the page using the services mentioned. You could choose to select it using Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumble Upon, Delicious, Blogger, Email, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, Mail, MySpace, TypePad or any of the rest. Just click on the desired service and it would automatically share it.

Clicking on any service would pop it up in a new browser window. Presently, it only lacks support for Buzz and Read it Later. The current version has added support for Google reader, Evernote, Tumblr and more in 42 different languages. It even supports Instapaper and you could read a page later by just clicking on Instapaper.

Performance – 9.5/10
Features – 9/10