eBay – Our iPad App Is The Best Way To Experience eBay [VIDEO]

During the D8 conference, John Donahoe, CEO of eBay predicted that in due course of time, wallets and credit cards would become extinct and devices such as the iPhone and iPad would have all the information needed to make transactions and purchases. According to him, wallets would be digitized and these devices would be everything people would ever need for a transaction.

Walt Mossberg, the interviewer, asked John about the iPad and how well eBay’s App was doing on the iPad. eBay worked along with Apple to launch an App for the iPad and the iPad App is the best way to experience eBay. John even mentioned that the iPad App is tremendous and is doing great.

eBay users have been complaining of the website to be a lot clustered and difficult to search on. John says, eBay is working on it, but if you want to get the best experience, head out to an iPad.