Digg App Updated, Still Buggy

When Digg launched its App for the iPhone, it gathered a lot of attention and within just days of its launch it was the top free app for the iPhone on the App Store. Digg did a good job with the app and using it is fun. We did a complete review of the App as soon as it was launched and pointed out some of the setbacks of the App.

One such setback was that it crashed quite often and the UI wasn’t responsive. Today, Digg launched version 1.1.1 of its app. The App still fails to fix some of the common issues. It does not work in landscape mode, commenting on an article is a pain and it still crashes a lot. Though its fine on iPod touch but on iPhone, the App is horrible. Some users even complain that sharing on Facebook does not work. Hopefully the Digg team is working on it.

Here’s what’s new in version 1.1.1 –

* Improvements to overall app stability
* Fewer crashes after long periods of use
* Better Performance on iPod touch (somewhat)

Have you tested the App lately? What do you feel?