Chrome FastBall For Chrome and Flash Users

Google has updated Google Chrome to 5.0.375.86 and now it comes with Adobe Flash. The integrated flash player has been enabled by default and five security issues have been resolved. The shipment of the plug-in with the browser would help users stay up to date with the plug-in and also protect their computers against viruses and worms which the plug-in often faces.

To celebrate, Google has put up a game on YouTube. The game is designed in Flash and is named, Chrome FastBall. You need to complete various games to get the shiny chrome ball to the finish line in the shortest possible time.

You could download the latest stable release of the browser and try your luck. Till now, the shortest time in the Chrome Team is 10 seconds. The company still maintains it’s support for HTML5 and has teamed up with Flash so as to even serve the needs of the customers who view Flash based content. The game simply fails to start and for many users it has been an epic failure.

To update all your plugins at once, check out Mozilla’s Plug-in Check feature for all browsers.