Apple Could Sell 3M iPads in Three Months

Apple is chasing the unthinkable by selling million iPads in months. During the first month after the launch of the most magical and revolutionary product, Apple announced that it had sold about a million iPads in its first month and two million in the next month.

The shipment of the device that would change mobile computing forever in 9 other countries helped Apple reach millions with it’s product. In July, Apple would ship to new countries and the iPad could be experienced by more people.

We talked to an Apple expert in Zurich, Switzerland and he said, “We are running out of stock. Anyone who wants an iPad needs to reserve one and would be mailed as soon as one arrives. Currently, if there are 3 iPads in stock, we have 50 people waiting to get it. The 16GB WiFi version is popular, but the 64GB WiFi is the most popular version yet.”

Though some analysts think iPad sales would go down as early adopters have already brought one and nerds already own one, it would instead go higher. Considering the case of the Apple Store in other countries, it seems that Apple could manage to sell three millions iPads in three months or so.