What To Expect At WWDC

Worldwide Developers Conference is kicking off next month on June 7th at Moscone Center, San Francisco. It is Apple’s major annual event where Apple releases magical products and interacts with developers. Last year, Apple introduced the revolutionary iPhone 3GS which changed mobile devices profoundly. Though the cover has already blown off from the magical iPhone 4G and possibly the iPod touch 4G, Steve Jobs responded to an email sent by a fan-boy saying “You won’t be disappointed”. That portends auspicious news for all Apple fans.

This year Apple could introduce the following –

1. iPhone 4G – The next generation of iPhone with a front-facing camera, camera with Flash, improved display and MicroSim. We have seen many prototypes of iPhone 4G including one from Gizmodo. A white iPhone prototype was also leaked from Apple’s manufacturing unit and it seems that iPhone 4G would be announced for sure.

ipod touch 4g

2. iPod touch 4G – iPod touch has been a huge success for Apple considering its low cost, iPhone like interface and the Apps. According to rumors, Apple would launch iPod touch 4G at WWDC which would include a 3.5 MP camera, better processor and higher storage.

itunes live

3. iTunes Live – Apple got a patent for something known as iTunes Live, many people are arguing that it was just another normal patent purchased by Apple, but some believe that it has something to do with Apple’s next level of iTunes. We have very little information about iTunes Live but seems that Apple would use it to broadcast live concerts, shows, TV episodes and even Keynotes.

4. iTunes.com – The recent rumor floating around the Apple world is iTunes.com, a web version of Apple’s native client, iTunes. Currently iTunes.com showcases Apps which pops up iTunes but it is not fully featured online store.


5. iBooks Integration – Apple did launch iBooks, a book store which would run on iPad and soon on iPhone. iBooks Store can only be accessed from an iPad. Apple plans to integrate iBooks with iTunes so that users could browse through millions of books and purchase them via their computers.

6. Macbook Pro and Macbook Air Updates.

7. No Steve Ballmer or someone even related to Microsoft.