One-Click iPad Jailbreak

A new Jailbreak tool known as Spirit claims to jailbreak your iPad with just a single click. The tool is available for both Mac and Windows and with Spirit Jailbreak, you could jailbreak your iPad with just a single click. You need to connect your iPad to your computer and open up iTunes. Once your iPad is synced and backed up, you are ready to use this tool.

Open up Spirit on your computer and ensure that your iPad is ready to be Jailbroken, hit the Jailbreak Button, sit back and enjoy. Apart from it’s amazing one click jailbreak, there are quite a few flaws with the tool. Some have complained that the Cydia App on it is buggy, slow and sometimes crashes. Others got a Black Screen of Death.

I tried jailbreaking my iPad with this tool and for me, it was a single click jailbreak. I still believe BlackRa1n would be the better option between the two.