Google’s New Ad Formats Take On iAd [PICS]

At Google I/O, Google announced Android 2.2, codenamed Froyo. Froyo comes along with many major improvements and features. One such great feature is the new Ads format which Google introduced.

iAd – Apple’s Mobile Advertising was about to change mobile advertising profoundly but Google’s major announcement could change things. These new Ad formats would work on Froyo. Much of the ideas of the Ad formats come from iAd, but some are new. Some new Ad formats which Google introduced were –

Drop-Down Ads– iAd covers the whole mobile screen while displaying an interactive mobile ad. What Google Ad does is that it just drops down and displays the Ad.

Map Ads

Application Ads – Suppose Starbucks has an Ad featuring its new store. You could just tap on the Ad and it would pop up with Maps built in. It would automatically show you the direction to its new store without having to jump into the Maps application. If an Ad has a phone number in it, you could click on the phone icon and the Phone Application would be launched.

Phone Application

Full Page Ads – Some Ads would cover the whole page, just like iAd. These Ads could even feature a game, movie trailer or some songs. DoubleClick helps make Google even more open with Ads and some DoubleClick Ads would take up the whole screen.

Video Ads – Due to the openness and higher flexibility of these Ads, Videos could be embedded inside the Ad itself. If an Ad for a latest movie shows up, you could simply tap on it and the trailer would be played.

Video AD

Image Ads – Sometimes only text isn’t enough to convey the message. For such cases, Advertisers could take the help of images to spread their message.

Apart from these innovative ideas, the Keynote speakers didn’t forget to mention Apple. They continuously emphasized on the fact that open is much better than closed and why everyone should support open. They even compared an iPad with a Nexus One while running a SunSpider Test. They even mentioned that Android has Flash 10.1 built right in which helps them to be more open.

With such attacks on Apple, lets see what Jobs has to say at WWDC. To learn more about Google Mobile Ads click here.