Google TV – What is it? [VIDEO]

Google finally announced its much anticipated and long rumored Google TV today at Google I/O. With Google TV, Google plans to bring Web Content on TV. Google is teaming up with Intel, Sony and Logitech for Google TV. The concept is not at all new and many other firms have been working on such a device.

The main concept behind Google TV is Search. It allows you to search the Web and TV. Google TV is not a replacement for your cable or satellite box, but is designed to work with it. Google TV runs on Android and has Google Chrome and Flash 10.1 built right in. As Google TV runs on Android, you could even run Android Apps on your TV. You could also download Apps from your computer to your Google TV.

YouTube Leanback, Netflix and other video sites would take video to the next level. Phones could be paired with Google TV which is indeed awesome. You could pair your Nexus One with it and just speak your query and Google TV would recognize it and convert it to text. Multiple phones could be paired with Google TV and each would act as a separate remote. You could even push websites from your phone to your TV.

What do you think about Google TV? Do let us know.


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