Design Prototypes Google Tried

Yesterday, Google revealed their completely new and redesigned homepage with better fonts, better logo, and a revamped interface. The new design was welcomed and cherished by a lot of users including Google fan-boys.

According to Jon Wiley, Google is still working on its design and plans to experiment with some other great design prototypes on its page. They tweaked the design a lot and some of the other designs which they tried were –

1. Blue Homepage – They tried to replace the traditional plain white background with a light sky blue background. Users love the simplicity of Google and that’s one reason they use Google.

2. Blue Buttons – Google changed the color of the buttons to blue and it was rejected by users. Once again, simplicity matters.

3. Universal Bars – You could view different types of results with labeled blocks in the main results pane, such as books, news and shopping. Universal Bar would make the results page somewhat clumsy and cramped.

4. Blue Results – Considering Google’s strong affinity towards blue, they planned to make the sidebar have a completely blue background.


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