Google Buzz Goes Universal

Google Buzz is sure to go down in the history of social media. When Buzz was launched, Google made it available on the iPhone and Android. Today, Google announced that Buzz will not only be limited to these mobile platforms but instead become available on all major mobile devices and platforms including Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Nokia S60.

Now users could simply navigate their mobile browsers to and Buzz will load up a Mobile version. The Mobile version gives you access to almost all the basic features of Buzz Desktop and feels great. Google even tries to enable location services but it may not work ok some devices.

Google Buzz Mobile

The Web App will even work on Palm WebOS. Google’s Alex Kennberg said – “We have worked hard to make Google Buzz for mobile accessible on more devices in more locations. It is now available in 37 languages through and we’re excited to bring it to mobile devices with browsers that don’t support the HTML5 capabilities the webapp uses. We hope that you enjoy using Google Buzz on the go!”