Gadgetstronomy – iPhone 4G Beats iPad and Nexus One

A few months ago, TheAppleGoogle conducted a poll asking users to vote for their most favorite gadget. The nominations included the best gadgets in vogue. These included iPhone 4G, iPad, Nexus One, Android Smartphones, Project Natal, Asus EEE Keyboard, Ford Sync, Chrome OS Netbooks, Canova Dual Screen Notebook, Lenovo Skylight and Sony Xperia X10, thus making the competition pretty hard.

The poll was commenced in the month of December last year where there were no rumors about iPhone 4G while iPad and Nexus One had not been launched yet. Surprisingly, TheAppleGoogle readers voted the most for iPhone 4G. Then came in iPad and then the Nexus One. Though there were loads of other gadgets to choose from, the war between Apple and Google continued.