Apple iAd Changes Mobile Advertising Profoundly

One of the seven tentpoles from Apple’s Special Event held on April, 2010 was its new mobile advertising technology, iAd. iAd is a mobile advertising platform by Apple which Apple believes would help both publishers and advertisers. Apple’s new foray into the advertising market is sure to help iPhone developers who painstakingly develop for the iPhone and yet put their App for free in iTunes.

With iAd, they could now have some source of income and would be pleased as well. They could get nearly 1 Billion Ad impressions and these ads would provide them a new revenue stream.

The Story behind iAd

Apple is obviously not the first one to be into the mobile advertising game but as other services, the best one. Earlier AdMob was the major source of advertisements on the iDevices. Google and Apple both went into their famous fight, to acquire AdMob and Google won it. Google successfully acquired AdMob, leaving Apple behind.

Apple couldn’t stand Google making money from the iDevices and they did come back. But this time, with a bang. Introducing iAd, Mr. Jobs felt quite happy and once again plans to change the way we interact with Ads. While introducing iAd, Steve Jobs did not forget to mention his as usual competitors. He completely jabbed out Flash by saying “Oh! By the way, all of this is done in HTML 5”.

How it Stands Out?

Apple’s iAd is not a complete Ad system, it is only a mobile advertising system. Further more, it would work only on anything running iPhone OS 4.0. Apple could now display Ads on its devices such as the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

iAd is something different whereby Application Developers will receive 60% of the revenue while Apple will get the other 40%. Apple’s iAd will definitely gain some market share and gradually take out AdMob and others out of the game.

iAd allows publishers to put ads on their Apps in an easy yet efficient manner. An advertisement put with iAd would be much more graphically done and better presented. If a user clicks on an Ad, the Ad would be played within the App itself and prevents the ad from closing the App and launch Safari(or Opera).

The Ads would be an App itself. The Ads could have videos, images, music and even games inside them. For example, a Nike ad could have training videos, player pictures and even some small game. This would help Nike promote their products in a more interactive way rather than the dull and boring Web Ads. It would even help Apple as more and more people would click on it.

What do you think? Does iAd have the capability to change Mobile Advertising? Would you click on these interactive ads? Have your say, in the comments section below.