App of the Week – Seesmic

Social Media is on an incremental rise and for some, privacy doesn’t even matter. Staying close with family and friends makes them feel better and every morning people wake up with an urge to check their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Both Facebook and Twitter have an iPhone as well as Android App of their own. But sadly, you need to keep on switching between the two and without multitasking – it’s a pain.

Seesmic, a popular web App just got ported to the iPhone and has loads of new features to brag about. It is a unified place from where you could access your Facebook, Twitter as well as account. The App is free for download from the App Store. It even supports multiple screens and is the ultimate productivity tool for all your social media needs.

When you first fire up the App, it would show you four areas each with a plus sign. You could tap on anyone and select a service you want. After selecting a service, you need to enter your log in credentials and you’d be good to go. It has a Twitter client built in which includes retweets, timeline, search etc. Same goes for Facebook and as well.

Seesmic is an entire productivity tool. Though, it has amazing features, the Facebook Client is not quite powerful. You cannot quickly view pages or post information on Facebook pages. Another bump to the App is the lacking number of services available. You only have Facebook, Twitter and Though the App supports, it is not possible to see all your account timelines. Hopefully, the developers plan to integrate these as standalone’s too.

Features – 8/10
Performance – 10/10

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