Google Tourism – Yet another perfect idea!!

Oh my God ! Yet one more innovative idea.
We all wish that we could go across the world to see all the wonderful places. From time to time some of us would have got spam on “ 100 place to see before you die”. Only some of us, perhaps a very few, get an opportunity to go to see these places. And even if we do so, one life time is too small to cover up all of them. Sparing a lucky few, there is a multitude of humanity which yearns to visit these places. But alas, if only their wishes could come true.

This idea is just about that.

Seeing the world through the eyes of Google Tourism. It will be every body’s window to the world – for the rich and poor, for the adventurous to the conservative, for the business Executive to a housewife, for those in the cities to those who stay in the villages and hamlets. All of them would be grateful.
Let us name it as “Google Tourism”. Some probable questions on the idea have been addressed below:-

Q1. What would this application do?

A1. Allow you to take a virtual tour of any exciting place in the world.

Q2. Who would love to use this?

A2. So many users would like to benefit from this idea. Some of them are:
Fanatic Tourists like me, who would love to explore new place in a virtual or 3D manner. So you have a tour of a place by just having a look at your screens.
Students, for whom such tours would be real learning experiences.
And many others.

Q3. How would it work?

A3. There are many ways as it can be accomplished:-
1. Google can get films prepared from professionals from each country and have them posted on its site.
2. Google can allow people to post their videos of these places after screening them for quality.
3. Google can allow sub-links to the official tourism sites of the various countries.

Q4. What is the difference between Google Earth and the proposed Google Tourism ?

A4. Oh! The Google tourism is completely different from Google Earth. Google earth only allows you to see a particular place or building and gives you information about it or redirects you to Wikipedia. But Google tourism would provide you a complete video or photo tour of the place and also give information. Also in google tourism, people could post in their own tour of the;- earth only gives a 3d view of the empire state building. But what if we want to look inside the empire state a bit?