800 Million Accounts On iTunes, Most With Credit Cards Linked


During today’s earnings call Tim Cook said Apple nearly has 800 million iTunes accounts which, according to him is “staggering”. In the last quarter the purchases on iTunes was around $5.2B compared to last quarter that was only $4.7B and which is also 24% more than the spend for the same quarter in the last year. It is even more exciting for Apple is most accounts have credit cards linked to the account as reported by Venturebeat. Read More

24 Companies Acquired By Apple In The Last 18 Months

Apple DollarsAs announced during the recent earnings call, Apple has made around 24 acquisitions in just 18 months. With this speed as reported earlier by Apple Insider, Apple has beaten Google for the year 2013. Read More

Google AdWords Plans To Deliver Mobile App Install Ads

Google App Installs AdsIn a similar move to what Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter are doing for monetization, Google announced in its AdWords Blogpost today that it also plans to offer targeted app install ads on mobile search and YouTube. The blog post talks about latest AdWords innovations Google is coming up with. To create a better discovery, Google would use its already saved data for users like their previous installs, frequency of use, etc. to target the consumers with the best fit App that can be downloaded. Also, businesses looking to promote app installs across the AdMob network will now be able to target consumers on the available user data and the insight they get from Google Play about the keywords that convert a search to download. Read More

iOS 7.1.1 Update Marks ‘In-App Purchases’ Against App Name In Listing In App Store


With the latest iOS 7.1.1 update, users can know if am App has an in-App purchase option even before getting into the details of the App. In the App Store all the listing pages that have App tiles like ‘Top Charts’, ‘Business’ etc., besides having the App name and price, now also very clearly state ‘In-App Purchases’ under the price box, if the App has an In-App purchase option. Read More

“Can You Escape” For iOS – For The Detective In You

canyouescapeIf you enjoy solving puzzles and clues to reach to a solution, you’ll love the game “Can You Escape”. The game is by Kaarel Kirsipuu, who has a list of escape games to his credit. Can You Escape has 8 levels and task at each level is to solve the puzzle by finding hidden objects or coded numbers in the room in order to advance to the next level. When you enter the room you look around and click on objects, enlarge them to look for clues. Sometimes you even have to solve mathematical puzzles, some color correlations and more to reach to the final key to unlock the door. The difficulty grows at each level, and this keeps the player glued. Read More

Edit Documents On The Go With myOffice For iOS (REVIEW)

myofficemyOffice, developed by Masalasoft, allows you to quickly and effortlessly edit and create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and PDF files from a single application. myOffice features numerous options and online integration so that your files are always available. With myOffice, you can create rich documents on your iPad and iPhone and edit them. Not only this but myOffice allows you to scan documents using your camera and create hand written notes and voice memos. Read More

Apple Targets Samsung With Earth Day Print Ad

Apple Print Ad

Apple has taken out print advertisements in newspapers around the world today to mark Earth day. This is a part of Apple’s recent environmental campaign, which has launched some environment friendly initiatives. Apple in June last year hired Lisa Jackson, former head of the Environmental Protection Agency to oversee environmental issues. Apple will be honoring Earth Day by covering the Apple logos with green in its retail stores across the world. Apple Store employees also wore green T-Shirts. Read More

iPhone Users Can Now View Texts on Google Glass


In an update on their Google+ page, Google has announced that users with Google Glass and an iPhone can now view their text messages on their glasses. Read More

Apple TV Updated With History Channel, Lifetime, and A&E Channels


An update for the Apple TV brought with it three new channels for you to enjoy, the History Channel, Lifetime and A&E channels, granted you have cable subscriptions for them. This will allow you to enjoy a plethora of TV shows and programs. These include Duck Dynasty, Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Vikings, and many more. Read More

Apple Wants To Leave The World Better Than We Found It

In an effort to be environment friendly, Apple has posted a new video and an official webpage on its website that highlights the work Apple is doing to help the environment. Apple’s main goal – leave the world better than we found it. The Better film features Tim Cook’s voiceover. Check out the page here.