Apple Plans To Release Karaoke Mode

Earlier this week on Tuesday, Apple announced that the Apple Music app will come with a karaoke experience called Apple Music Sing. With the help of this feature, users can modify the vocal level to better hear their singing voice while singing along to real-time lyrics on Apple Music.

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Nokia Migrates To Android 12

The Finnish multinational company Nokia announced that they have completed the migration to Android 12. They further revealed that if any smartphone has not received the OS, it won’t be getting it in the future.

This announcement was made on a tech news website “GSM Arena”. It further confirmed and listed out the devices that are first in line for Android 13.

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Apple Planning To Move Production Out Of China

In the past few weeks, Apple has announced its plan to shift some of its production units from China. According to people who were present in the discussion, China was the most dominant country in the supply chain. This has hinted to suppliers to increase assembling Apple products in other parts of Asia, specifically India & Vietnam. This is because they plan to reduce their dependence on the Taiwanese which is led by Foxconn in China.

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Top 5 USA Websites To Order Phone Cases/Covers 2023

A lot of individuals absolutely love buying phone cases, some like having a collection of them as well. But aren’t you tired of scrolling on Amazon, and having a limited number of options? Having a phone case is important for the protection of your phone, that’s the primary function. But a lot of users prefer a fancy design or an aesthetically pleasing cover.

For the same, here are 5 websites that you can order phone cases from in the USA: 2023 List

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