Elevate – Brain Training — How Clever Are You? (Review)

elevateIt doesn’t matter whether you are the cleverest kid in the class or just scrape by, it’s human tendency to want and to strive to progress more. Sky’s the limit, and we never stop getting better and better, or at least we wish to. If you’ve ever wanted to increase your comprehending skills, learn better, read better, and process information better, then Elevate – Brain Training is an App you must try. Read More

WeVideo — The Feature-Rich Video Editor (Review)

wevideoWeVideo, from WeVideo Inc (rated as the top developer by Google Play), is the video editing App for you if you’re someone who likes to catch those special moments. You can combine images, videos and even audio to create a video with suitable themes to make the moments even more memorable. But does it do well, let’s find out: Read More

Send Anywhere — Secure File Transfer (Review)

sendData size and use has been increasing persistently. Be it using your internet data or the data on your phone, data usage has changed from the days of 2D mario games to 3D games that take over 4GB of space. Same goes for video which are now at least 1080p (some even 4k) in quality. But what ultimately matters is sharing this data in an efficient way. Send Anywhere (File Transfer) aims to do this in a unique way Read More

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Audiobooks Now For Android — Stream Audiobooks Instantly (REVIEW)

audioYes, you read the title right. It’s Audiobooks, because reading books is too mainstream. Actually that is not true, as a lot of people now listen to audiobooks as a means of getting better and cheaper access to many popular books. And it has some advantages of its own, such as improving your accent and pronunciation. So now you have a dedicated App for getting access to many audiobooks out there. Sounds good? Read More

Behance — Explore The World Of Art (Review)

behanceBehance is an App that allows you to browse and explore millions of art projects across the world. If you are an industrialist who manufactures T-shirts, or the manager of a company, or want to market your product, great artwork and a creative mind is needed to produce designs for packaging, printing, and more. This is a good reason to have a look at Behnance’s vast range of artworks from excellent minds. Read More

Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone — The Perfect Language Teacher (Review)

rosetta stoneEver been to a foreign country a number of times but couldn’t understand their language and accent despite several attempts? If that’s the case, or even if you are just keen to learn more languages and be a linguist, Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone is at your disposal. This free App has a lot of free courses helping you to learn more about other languages. Read More

Meme Maker — Shape Your Humor To Memes (Review)

meme makerThe internet is exploding with tons of memes posted everyday, to the point that they have become a part of our lives. You see a status, it might be accompanied with a meme picture comment. You think of something hilarious, you make a meme of it and share it on your social networks. This is the basis of Meme Maker App — to help you convey your humorous side through memes. Read More

Contacts+ for Android — Your Contacts On Steroids (review)


What if there was an App that would become the hub of your Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and other social network contacts, storing it in one unified place without the need for you to switch Apps? And what if it also had a combined dialer along with it? You are in luck, as Contacts+ is an App that performs exactly as mentioned, but at the cost of some extra space on your phone. Here’s our take on the App. Read More

Lifesum — Your Calorie Mate For A Healthier Life (Review)

calorieThe health and wellness industry is booming with most people rushing to the gym for a workout, eating healthy and staying on a diet to get in shape or to shed fat. There are also people munching on high calorie food and getting all sorts of mass/weight/muscle gainers to put on some weight. Be it the former or the latter, or even if you just plan to be healthy, Lifesum — Calorie Counter has it covered for you. Read More